THANK YOU to everyone for supporting our Spring Competition! It was an amazing turnout- the routesetting was visionary (thank you Object Climbing!), and the climbing was outstanding. It’s always a lot of fun getting so much of the community together.

We had some issues with data entry and it took quite a while to sort things out, and we ended up announcing a few of the winners incorrectly. Our sincerest apologies for this! We’ll be posting more info on this soon, along with links for more pics and footage. Special thanks to Peter Kwan, Steve Kwan, and Zak Rowley for the beautiful photography! Follow the links below for their full Send Wars albums.

Peter Kwan ( album )

Peter Kwan (album)

Zak Rowley ( album )

Zak Rowley (album)

Steve Kwan ( album )

Steve Kwan (album)

Open Results.PNG
Youth (1).PNG
Youth 2.PNG