Tell us about your group and we will develop a personalized event proposal for you that is designed specifically to meet your group’s needs!  Pricing is always specific to your group and we will work closely with you to optimize the event to meet your needs. We will typically get back to you within 48 hours.


Potential Groups:

  • School groups & field trips

    • Single session, multi session, just for fun or fully instructed! We will tailor an experience for your unique needs. See the options below for obtaining a quote

  • Kid’s birthday parties

  • Scout groups

  • Dryland/alternate training days for hockey, soccer etc.

  • Organizational team building

  • Parties

  • Family reunions

  • Charity organizations (fundraisers)

  • Social activities (co-workers, clubs, teams)

Potential Programs:

  • Day Passes: If your group is experienced climbers that can belay themselves, or your group is interested in  using our Auto Belays and bouldering area on their own

  • Instructed Climbing: Our instructors will provide customized

  • Multi-session bookings

  • Team Building Workshops


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